What they say about Randi...

Randi is awesome with an incredible sense of style! She helped me weed out my closet, organize and pull together some great outfits. After our session, she sent me a lookbook with ideas for the pieces that I still needed. I loved every piece she picked. And I now have a closet with clothes that I will actually wear. I can't wait until spring!

Leigh Anne

Charlotte, North Carolina

Closet transformation

at it's finest!

Randi makes sure you find the perfect fit to make you feel your best!

"Randi helped me go through my closet to see what I should keep or giveaway. I was expecting that I would be giving away a lot in my closet, but Randi was able to show me how to wear/pair things in a different way. I am now using my entire wardrobe in fun and new ways! She also helped me to identify some great basic building blocks that I was missing. After our session she sent me photos of outfits we put together so I could look back for inspiration. She also sent me links to buy the basic building blocks I was missing - most of the items she found for me were on sale. It was so fun getting the photos and the links to shop!"


Southlake, Texas

"Randi helped me with my clothing choices for my daughter's wedding. It was fun as well as she gave me the confidence to go with a skirt I had already purchased. She was easy to work with and was willing to text me afterwards on some decisions we made together. I would use her again and may have her do the closet purge with me!"


Seattle, Washington

Randi helps you discover your best self through style.

Let Randi walk you through

the process of finding key statement pieces that will travel through life with you!

"Seriously, as good as it gets! Randi has such an awesome sense of style and is skilled at adapting it for each individual she helps. I love the looks she creates. They are fun, convertible and always a notch above."


Greenwich, Connecticut